Monday, March 16, 2015


Life would be boring without....


During Meeting for Worship, RantWoman's brain brimmed with addictive meditations on war, peace, paths to Quakerism, pacifism and alternative service, other Giant Issues. RantWoman kept testing whether something was supposed to emerge from her mouth, a test which faltered partly on RantWoman's lack of leading to go on for at least two hours. Thank the Lord?

Along the way, stuck on the word "boring," the RantWoman theological timewarp transported RantWoman back a few years to a Salt and Light event that occurred in Seattle.

And entangled with reflections on theological diversity, another post

At a recent Meeting for Business, RantWoman found herself called unexpectedly to
reflect on a car-ride conversation that attached the word "boring" to some of the Salt and Light proceedings. RantWoman would phrase the North American all in our heads biblical exegesis part of the experience differently: the Arevalos got really a lot of mileage about of a few short Bible passages, but that was not the only story.

Aminda Arevalo told a story of a marero, a Salvadoran gangster.who came to her school, pointed a gun to her head, and demanded money, "rent," and threatened her children. Aminda turned him down flat, saying she refused to fund his violence. His extortion attempt failing, he  fled and never came back. Say what you will, "Boring" is not the word RantWoman would apply to that kind of prophetic witneess.
There are 100,000 gang-affiliated youth in Soyapango, the suburb of San Salvador where the Arevalos minister. The Arevalos flavor of Salt and Light keeps their youth in school, in church, out of the hands of the gangs. Say what North Americans will, "boring" is not the word RantWoman would use about that either.

As for exactly WHAT this has to do with a recent Meeting For Business, RantWoman's spiritual compost heap is working on onions. There is another layer or angle of twitch connected for RantWoman with the word "boring," but for now RantWoman regrets that readers are just going to have to live in suspense....

And as for a call to vocal ministry, the last time RantWoman tested a call to minister about these exact themes was after the children entered Meeting. God rather firmly instructed RantWoman that probably there should be another time for messages about gangsters putting guns to the head of a school principal.

Life would be boring without...?

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