Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lucille Walls, July 24, 1960 - March 19, 2015

Really, God? Are you JOKING?

Hezekiah Walker singing Every Praise on Lucille Walls' Facebook wall??

WTF kind of theological and cosmic memorial joke IS that?

Lu's husband Andrew called me Friday morning to tell me heartbreaking news. He caught me on a bus. I did not even get it at first. Lu died Thursday of severe pneumonia. Andrew was devastated. I was deeply touched that he called me but the call also came with trust that I would help with notifications. So I have been notifying some lists.  And reading the floods of worth on Lu's Facebook wall. I mean to compile more of a bio on my other blog.

And I keep checking back on Facebookfor all the new stuff from a large extended family and many admirers.. 

And in the meantime, hold the families in the Light and  groove again on Hezekiah Walker!

PS and this video is dedicated to her husband Andrew basil Arana!

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