Sunday, February 5, 2017

Dear Clueless Human, OWWWW!

Dear Clueless Human,


When my eyes are doing that, I am NOT having fun!

RantWoman has been subjecting The Queen of Spades to weekly photo ops to feed a Twitter presence. In particular, the Queen of Spades has been the star of a #caturday thread which is one of RantWoman's social and social media mixing bowls. RantWoman maintains lists of people she interacts with via Twitter. The list called Cats includes people whose first interaction (defined as Like, Retweet or follow) is about cats. Beyond that, people's profiles vary widely.

The Queen of Spades has been the star of the #caturday posts. rantWoman has learned to apply a photo caption. RantWoman has learned a few other pieces of techno-lint related to phone functions.

And RantWoman must have been causing the Queen of Spades great pain because last night when The Queen of Spades realized the human might be about to take a photo, she growled a growl RantWoman has never heard before and ran away so her face was away from the camera.


Really, really sorry.

Feeling like a heartless worm.

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