Sunday, February 5, 2017

Do you have any idea who you are trolling?

RantWoman has a Facebook troll. Possibly if the venue were Twitter, Facebook Troll would go in the I Pray For You list but RantWoman has not discovered any similar capability on Facebook.

RantWoman's Facebook troll has never asked RantWoman's opinion, but RantWoman thinks his profile picture is ODD! However, RantWoman is also clear to honor an implied request not to share key details that might cause people to make assumptions they should not. So readers get to imagine such a thing in the world of Facebook.

Facebook Troll is someone RantWoman has known since sixth grade and with whom she graduated from High School. The Rant Family moved back to MT when RantWoman was going into sixth grade. RantWoman's Facebook troll lived very near by as the crow flies but any other route was blocks of travel, RantWoman, Facebook Troll, and Facebook Troll's brother were all in the same class. The family is very religious. There are several other siblings of various races and backgrounds. Enough said for now.

Facebook troll seems to be following RantWoman everywere RantWoman posts. Facebook troll comments. Another groupie of Facebook Troll posts. Very substantial people from various threads of RantWoman's life try to respond. Occasionally, RARELY, some kind of intellectual spark. There have been some other odd notes such as the time facebook Troll and another very different guy where gallantly trying to defend rantWoman from each other. THANKS GUYS. Not a problem RantWoman has very often and rantWoman is touched, but ...

So far Facebook Troll remains unpersuaded of any view other than his own.  Yet RantWoman has not blocked Facebook troll.RantWoman SORT OF does not mind having a living breathing specimen of the present political environment.RantWoman is careful not to collect too many such specimens. Who is RantWoman kidding. RantWoman has to exert strict discipline not to drown in Facebook in the first place so sometimes and simply has not time to go on at too much length This also means RantWoman is neither refereeing nor apologizing, but one of these days MAYBE RantWoman will post something to the effect of "Do you have ANY freaking idea who you are trolling?"

On the other hand, maybe RantWoman should be grateful she has Facebook Friends who seem able to be more tolerant or even compassionate.


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