Thursday, February 9, 2017

Orange peel

RantWoman strives to maintain appropriate gratitude for the ABUNDANCE of generous contributions to her spiritual compost heap. Here RantWoman offers only one tiny orange peel, something related AGAIN to carpet.

The carpet note emerged from one of those "We must talk to you NOW" moments involving THREE weighty Friends and causing RantWoman to wonder in passing whether the Association of Bad Friends might like to adopt "S&M for Dummies" as its book of Discipline.  RantWoman is GUESSING about the concern alluded to.

RantWoman admits that she herself has hit a wall: RantWoman is not willing to season a number of points one on one with anyone.  needing THREE people to speak to her probably qualifies as being "high maintenance."  However, RantWoman also notes that failure to PICK UP THE PHONE, respond to emails, or respond to what RantWoman thinks she has said about trying to have conversations in noisy rooms do create certain buildups of steam, on top of the steam vents already rooted in rantWoman's spiritual compost heap. Then there would be the hurly burly of daily life, the sighs when RantWoman picks up the phone and has to plead ...and plead and .. .the holy ..batman...

That said,  RantWoman thinks it would be a MUCH better idea to have a sense of resources in the realm of clearness committees than she presently has. RantWoman recently had opportunity to gather data about familiarity with the concept of clearness committees in her Meeting. RantWoman would say the concept is not presently deeply rooted in other Friends' awareness either. Hold that point in the Light.

RantWoman herself has uneven experience as recipients of such efforts. Again, Hold that point in the Light.

As for RantWoman delivering clearness committee service, stay tuned for more orange peels, unexpectedly resurrected leftovers, meditations on the maraudings of the Holy Spirit around the word "safety," and efforts to peer circumspectly into the vortex of current events.

RantWoman also hopes, possibly naively, that exhibiting enough consistent rantWoman characteristics over and over will help SOMEONE figure out paths to work with such characteristics  Look, RantWoman IS trying... And Furthermore...

But back to carpet. RantWoman is guessing that the note alluded to reference to two people having fun working together.

What? RantWoman against fun? RantWoman would not necessarily recognize fun if it bit her, but in this case RantWoman lifts up:

--collaborators about last year's State of Society report who also worked together on the carpet replacement project.

--The other half of last year's State of Society report team who in RantWoman's experience has a tendency sometimes to stalk out of business meeting when RantWoman says something said Friend either does not understand or disagrees with. RantWoman lifts up this friend because Meeting is about to embark on a journey involving lots of complicated concepts, possible points of disagreement, timelines Meeting will have no control over, and questions where RantWoman thinks it WILL be valuable to be able to more rounded discussion than RantWoman's experience with said Friend. Hold that problem in the Light.
--Concern expressed in various venues about newcomers and involvement of younger friends

--a wonderful event substituting for the usual FLGBTQC midwinter gathering  organized by exactly some wonderful young adult Friends but stunningly absent from last year's State of Society report.

This moment being but one small orange peel added to RantWoman's spiritual compost heap, RantWoman urges readers to hold RantWoman and everyone in the vicinity of her inner blowtorch in the Light.

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