Monday, February 6, 2017

Avis Wanda the next chapter

Readers who want a break from the general flow of "As the stomach Churns" news items and / or the steady voluminous oozings from RantWoman's spiritual compost heap are invited to visit the Quakers Talk about Racism group on Facebook and to follow the continued evolution of matters involving Avis Wanda McClinton and Upper Darby Monthly Meeting. Use your search engine if you do not do Facebook; RantWoman knows there are resources out there.

To RantWoman's ear Avis Wanda is being very faithful to her Light: RantWoman does not think it would be fun to be around a bunch of people of a different race nonchalantly worshipping over the buried remains of enslaved ancestors. RantWoman has observed the flow of conversations back and forth. RantWoman sees much to hold in the Light, a particular challenge since RantWoman is getting quite annoyed while trying to do so.

Seriously, it is not like the need to address white supremacy and the wrongs of the past is going to go away just because a monthly meeting releases someone from membership. RantWoman is almost as embarrassed to read of this turn of events as she is to read of ....

Start by holding things in the Light

or in RantWoman's case, add it to the "Ya wanna hassle me? Get in Line " list

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