Sunday, February 12, 2017

Readings, readings reproduced in Minutes

RantWoman wishes to express gratitude for our clerk's selection of readings before last month's Meeting for Business.

RantWoman also appreciates their reproduction in the minutes.


2017-01-01: Opening Worship, Welcome, Introductions

The meeting opened with a brief period of worship. The clerk presented three readings:
From Everyday Prophets (Margery Post Abbott: 2016): “Being embedded in a community teaches us much about how to relate to other human beings and how to see our place in the globe where we live. In community, we learn ways of responding to disagreements, making decisions when we hold differing opinions about things that affect us deeply standing with people when they are overwhelmed by emotions. The vision our community holds about the future, whether we call it the New Creation, the Kingdom of God or any of numerous names, shapes us and is integral to a witness to the world of how we might come close to being a community of everyday prophets.”


From the NPYM’s draft Faith and Practice: How do we make our meeting a beloved
community and living testimony for all members and attenders where they are in their
own spiritual journeys? And, How do we create a radically inclusive culture in our
Quaker community?

From “The Disadvantages and Downsides of Social Capital” by Tristan Claridge: “The same characteristics of community that enable beneficial, productive benefits have the potential to cause negative externalities.”

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