Friday, December 25, 2015

Weird Christmas presents featuring Franklin Graham, Christmas In The Ashram-Tom Prasada-Rao

RantWoman sat through all of Meeting for Worship feeling like Santa with a bag full of weird presents.

One of them involves evangelist Franklin Graham.

Brother Franklin has been having media snit-fits about how Muslims and Christians cannot possibly worship the same God because the God he worships has a son named Jesus and the God Muslims worship only has a prophet named Jesus.

The Franklin Graham-themed package in RantWoman's mind: RantWoman wonders what kind of families Brother Franklin hangs out with. RantWoman knows of PLENTY of families where different branches of the family have really different versions of who is whose parent, whether someone's "aunt" is really their mother or whether someone's "mom" is really their grandmother. Other families for any number of reasons have no idea one or more branches even exist.

So much as RantWoman can imagine Brother Franklin wanting to be certain in his viewpoint, RantWoman thinks it might be better to think about how we all have only one planet we are sharing and what are we called to do to share better?

RantWoman could think about all that, but RantWoman could easily also just get distracted with the interfaith musical tangle below.

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