Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Birthday Presence: Gunnison, Charlie, Holiday Music

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A poinsettia

In the realm of presents from Facebookistan, RantWoman humbly and very gratefully counts the Facebook mechanism for alerting one to one's friends' birthdays. Today Facebook alerted RantWoman to the 83rd birthday of someone who needs no nom de blog and therefore simply goes by Charlie.

Happy 83rd Birthday Charlie, and if you are no longer with us love and blessings to your family where you have lived since moving out of RantWoman's building.

Charlie has been blind since birth. RantWoman, morbidly always wants to know more detail but does not. Charlie grew up in Colorado and graduated from the Colorado School of the Blind with expertise in piano tuning.

Until a few months ago, Charlie lived in RantWoman's building and even occasionally still frequented the Friendly Neighborhood Center for Extreme Computing. Charlie was still learning about technology and screen readers and all the new things the internet throws at people. He was not learning as fast as others but he was definitely still learning.

Here anyway, not particularly evocative of Charlie but still
Santa Claus

He also contributed great faith and centeredness, oh an occasional need fo conversational de-escalation when conversations with certain combinations of people veered too erratically around sex and religion and everyone's interest in talking--but not necessarily listening--about both.

Still another claim to fame: Charlie's interest in Norwegian, on account of which he has both travelled to Norway and left the Friendly Neighborhood Center braille embossing software enriched with options for output in Norwegian.

Charlie's dream trip to Norway

Article headline RantWoman finds cloying about trip

Look, it's Gunnison. It's winter. Who cares beyond that.
Gunnison, CO Winter
The other fascinating circumstance, the reason RantWoman has stuck a bunch of photographic allusions to childhood Christmases in the RantFamily household in with Charlie's birthday celebration: RantWoman and Charlie one day were comparing dates and places we lived. RantWoman is almost CERTAIN that her former neighbor Charlie is also the Charlie who came one time to tune the piano at the RantFamily household in ...Gunnison CO.

The Google is a great and glorious vehicle for time travel. The trim used to be green though
The Rant Family House 1966-1972
217 S Main
Gunnison CO

Ah, yes, and again with RantWoman's fixation about one piano six hands, and not even any nuclear family meltdowns.

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