Sunday, December 6, 2015

Advent: week 2: Handel; Hanuukkah on the horizon

As RantWoman said last week, God has commanded her to welcome Advent with oboe music. RantWoman is used to holidays full of all sorts of musical endeavors and finds this command perplexing but not disagreeable.

But then God also has in the past, like somewhere in the depths of the last legislative session, commanded RantWoman to talk IN MEETING FOR WORSHIP about the capital gains tax. RantWoman's faithfulness was rewarded by encouraging and supportive conversations with two different newcomers to Meeting. Bless us oh Lord while we sort sense and future work from the holiday frenzy.

Menorah of Many Colors
Faux Stained Glass menorah
Hanukkah is on the horizon and RantWoman wound up with an extra graphic.

RantWoman assuredly has not been given to understand why this particular graphic showed up when RantWoman was asking her oracle, oops her search engine for Sponge Bob menorahs.

RantWoman is especially charmed by the colors , so in anticipation....

And now, as promised, the oboe, again. RantWoman has NO explanation for the visual oddities of this clip. RantWoman recommends just letting oneself get lost in the music. ON Planet RantWoman this 8 minutes is enough to leave RantWoman centered for hours.

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