Thursday, December 10, 2015

Happy Hanukkah Fifth Night. Conversions.

Fifth Night. RantWoman does not know about anyone else but by the fifth night of celebration, RantWoman's relatives might be getting, well, relative. RantWoman is not clear the item below will help. That would be part of the problem.
Very multicolored Menorah
RantWoman's theme for this year for Hanukah is peculiar gifts images or music or stories that have some "peculiar gift" element. Peculiar gifts include the path to this leading and some surprisingly ferocious need still to riff on last year's "Nothing appropriate" theme but this year with new people.


Stay tuned.

Please be advised. RantWoman does not promise tasteful. Nor does RantWoman apologize for laughing very hard.

Stephen Colbert posthumously circucises all dead Mormons. Yeah, you have to CHOOSE to click.

Stephen Colbert simultaneously converts all dead mormons to Judaism.

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