Friday, December 11, 2015

Hamza Warsame: Say His Name

1. If Friends with a peace-loving interfaith bent do nothing else please offer prayers for the family of Hamza Warsame, a 17-year-old Somali Running Start student from Rainier Beach High School who was attending classes at Seattle Central Community College. Last weekend, Hamza fell from a 6-story building near the Seattle Central Campus and died of his i injuries later that same day.

RantWoman has been saying prayers rising from the #justice4Hamza  #SayHisName thread, prayers for Hamza’s family, for a homicide investigation arising after public #blacklivesmatter outcry based on concern from Hamza's friends about a beating, a hate crime, and him getting pushed to his death. Early in the tweet stream the radioactive word suicide occurred along with comments about Hamza not seeming suicidal. RantWoman apologizes for not chasing down exact details about family concerns or other most current details of the police investigation. RantWoman simply offers prayers for the dead youth, his sister Ikram and the rest of his family and friends, as well as for a thorough and effective investigation with particular attention to the possible hate crime issue.

2. In a spirit of Interfaith solidarity, RantWoman offers the following link as well. Faith Action Network interfaith Leaders' Council statement  RantWoman thinks it MIGHT have been nice to refer also to Hamza’s death, but that is RantWoman.

3. Meeting for worship last week featured NOT ONE SINGLE message about events in San Bernardino. RantWoman was seasoning a message about President Obama SO FAR not finding anything to bomb in connection with the atrocities in San Bernardino. Mercifully the message did not emerge from RantWoman’s mouth during worship.

4. Speaking of general community agitation, RantWoman found the #justice4Hamza thread while doing Twitter checking about different unexpected fuss.  RantWoman's journey home from Meeting last week came with unexpected fuss, unexpected fuss in the form of a car chase with a gun-brandishing soul who carjacked 3 different cars, led police on a car chase all over downtown, the University District and NE Seattle before departing to other realms in a hail of police gunfire. RantWoman happened to be leaving Meeting just as police cars and sirens were going every which way around her. RantWoman originally intended to walk a few blocks to a shorter bus ride home, but quickly grokked that she would probably be safer aboard the first bus going anywhere vaguely in the direction of home and better informed fishing on Twitter than trying to make sense of all the sirens and flashing blue lights.

Dear God, Santa Claus, the Great Pumpkin, whoever is available, PLEASE bring me a lot less gunfire and tragedy!

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