Sunday, December 6, 2015

Happy Hanukkah World

Happy Hanukkah World!

Candle crescendo
Happy Hanukkah  World
RantWoman does not exactly personally celebrate  Hanukkah except as an excuse sometimes to eat greasy food (Buneulos? Sweet potato latkes? Donuts?) or share other celebratory practices with people who do observe Hanukkah.

This year's hanukkah celebration theme will be surprise gifts. It is inspired by all the gifts that turned up in an annual act of memory, as well as some other gifts in RantWoman's media streams.

The world of blind geeks is not very large and the world of blind female geeks is even smaller. RantWoman and another blind female geek have a connection now mostly receded in memory. We have spoken on the phone but never met. We cross paths in various electronic streamsand sometimes somewhere in the flow kind of say privately "Oh, hi." 

This year, RantWoman looked in a stream where she had not previously looked. RantWoman found exactly one person with the expected name. The person is Facebook friends with some of the same blind geeks RantWoman is friends with. Sevral of RantWoman's Hanukkah gifts are other things RantWoman found, accompanied by RantWoman's usual selection of the kitschiest menorahs she can find.

Trick question to non-blind readers: Can you find RantWoman touches with the images?

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