Wednesday, June 3, 2015

TIME SENSITIVE Request to complete SURVEY: Young Adult Quaker Volunteer Activities

RantWoman's Meeting is doing a discernment process about its 25-yearold program QuEST and Quaker Voluntary Service. RantWoman received the request to complete a survey by email today and is clear to post the request to her blog. RantWoman will forward the link to this blog entry to the Ad-hoc Committee and will do only very minimal moderation of any comments posted here.

The survey mentioned below contains contact information for the ad-hoc committee compiling the data and RantWoman has edited the email to omit that.

RantWoman has also added the website for the QuEST program operated by her Meeting so people completing the survey have some basis for comparing the QuEST experience with  opportunities offered through Quaker Voluntary Service.

Other than that, the request:

Please take this short survey, telling us what you think is important in
*any* Quaker program for young adults volunteering with peace and justice

[Any year-long program because that is the model under discussion here--RantWoman, trying to keep the editorializing to a minimum. RantWoman seeks to save clear statements of her own opinions for another post in order HOPEFULLY not to bias the survey, that is unless RantWoman mentioning different models... speaks to anyone else. If so, the survey contains multiple open-ended comment fields]

It does not matter if you are familiar or not with UFM's
QuEST Program. The QuEST Committee of University Meeting has set up an ad
hoc subcommittee to explore a possible relationship between QuEST  and Quaker Voluntary Service (QVS).  (More information on QVS at 

As part of our discernment process, we want to hear what *you* think.  

Please click on the link below and fill out this survey on-line, DEADLINE JUNE 8.   It should take only a few minutes.   If you have questions or further comments, see contact info in the survey.

Thank you for assisting in our process.

Ad Hoc Subcommittee

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