Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bring Help if you need it: one view of self-care at events.

RantWoman collects certain kinds of documents as examples. The original of the text below can be found at the website of the WA Council of the Blind, of which RantWoman is also both a member and a committee chair.

This item is offered as an example and not particularly as RantWoman's opinion about a topic on her mind.

Expectations for Those Attending

WCB-Sponsored Events

Adopted on February 2, 2015

by the Washington Council of the Blind board


The Washington Council of the Blind (WCB) strives to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all of our event participants. Attendees at WCB-sponsored events are expected to govern themselves in an appropriate, acceptable and sociable manner. Purposeful behavior which causes another attendee, their companion(s), or their service animal personal injury, harassment, or to be fearful about attending WCB-sponsored events may result in WCB writing a review of the given situation for our records and taking action as needed on a case by case basis

In planning for events, we provide tools to assist our blind attendees, such as: advanced training to hotel staff, published hotel description, and minimal volunteer assistance throughout the event when possible. To ensure safe passage in crowded areas, each participant must remain vigilant of others' safety, using caution and consideration while negotiating aisles, halls and other pathways where large numbers of blind individuals and dog guides may be present.


When volunteers are available at WCB-sponsored events, they are to provide only limited assistance to participants. WCB and its representatives are not responsible for personal care or ongoing assistance to participants. If greater individual assistance is needed, participants are expected to arrange for such support at such WCB-sponsored events on their own based on individual needs.

When possible, volunteers may be on-hand to provide minimal assistance to attendees with navigating the public areas of our events. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide significant individual assistance. When volunteers are available, they may escort attendees to and from sleeping rooms only upon initial check-in, and then, only to the hotel room door. Volunteers will not be available to assist with handling or administering medication, packing luggage, ongoing escort to and from sleeping rooms, feeding, dressing or toileting, and/or walking service animals. If you know you will need substantial individual assistance, we ask you to arrange to have someone accompany you for this purpose.

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