Monday, June 15, 2015

'Kayaktivists' Block Shell Oil Rig in Washington

RantWoman awoke to news accounts of the Shell drilling rig moving out of Elliott Bay, some activists being detained, and the rig moving on anyway. RantWoman assumes readers who need more details can use their own dang search engines with #ShellNO.

RantWoman feels absolutely no leading or capacity to be out on the water with the kayacktivists right now but she is REALLY inspired by their faithfulness and presence. Thank you AP for the clip below and numerous technology links for RantWoman being able to appreciate the image.

RantWoman is still working on some good visuals for a Protest Curmudgeon avatar. It will be different from the Raging Grannies and may feature RantWoman being presentable in circumstances where the world is entitled to her opinion whether listeners are aware of it or not!

In the meantime, a really Cool Raging Granny pic in honor of someone (not pictured) whom RantWoman knows who IS a Raging Granny.

Fun Raging Granny pic

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