Friday, June 12, 2015


RantWoman's particular reasons to smile today:

80 years ago today, RantMom's parents Grandma Schoolteacher and Grandpa Farmer got married. RantWoman has few details of the proceedings except vague memory of a black and white picture.

55 years ago RantMom and RantDad got married. RantWoman's mental picture is also black and white, RantDad in a suit and tie, RantMom  a simple dress and modest bouquet, high heeled shoes with pointed toes. Both of them were beaming, you, joyous, full of hope.
    The RantParents got married in a Presbyterian ceremony officiated by RantDad's father, the Righteous Rev. Rant Granddad. The story is that Rant Granddad did fine about reading RantMom the vows one at a time, but when he got to RantDad, RantGranddad read the whole series at once and then told RantDad to repeat it and then there were a couple rounds of "Repeat it." "You Repeat it" and finally, Rant Granddad just said "Skip it."

RantMom and RantDad celebrated 35 years together; RantDad passed away later that summer. Last week RantMom had on her table the family bouquet she always gives her church for the occasion.

It made RantWoman smile to learn via Facebook that the dat a is special for someone else too.

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