Friday, June 5, 2015

Popcorn and pure joy, or at least envelope-stuffing!

RantWoman's efforts endlessly to cavil, quarrel, irritate, and generally be all around a joy-inducing presence have been generously fed by a couple popcorn moments from a recent Meeting retreat. The following may or may not embroider on actual conversations.

1.  In very best sort of shrill gym teacher voice, RantWoman are you going to participate?

[Look, Lady, RantWoman has already gotten herself up, dressed, onto a bus, a good walk to Meeting. RantWoman has done this in total faith that God WILL show up. but first ...]

...We're playing A Great Wind Blows, God's little aerobics at an hour before God herself is awake let alone verbal....

...large legally blind person trying to tell which images are real bodies and which are the RantWoman visual amusement park, stumbling around big circle BC, Before caffeine SHOULD scare people....

But look you can just wave your fingers.

Bless the Lord oh my Soul and may all glory be to Dial-a-Tirade except it was too early in the morning for Dial-A-Tirade to pull words together.

WAY too early to find words for "Oh, yeah, really? Really? Which part of Total Fog and blur do you have NO CONCEPT of trying to pull waving fingers out of?

Too early to interact with some Friends' "Waving fingers is cultural Appropriation from Deaf Culture" issues (You want Deaf Culture? Appropriate THAT! Followed by, say, fierce waving arm millimeters in front of nose gesture.)

Too bad--or maybe Praise God? RantWoman could not think of a way to "lose" on behalf of "A Great Wind Blows for everyone who should not be expected to be verbal before....

2. Worship Sharing, There are worship group leaders who tend the group like a flock of lambs.  And there are Drill sergeant worship group leaders.
Again with the gym class metaphors, different coach:

Either speak once or pass!
Either speak once or pass!
Either speak once or pass!

Look Lady, careful what you ask for! How about either SOMEONE notices how vigorously I am nodding along with another Friend OR we will be WAY past Dial-a-Tirade and well into Russian Novel?????

Yea, verily.

God did show up, multiple times.

And there was an EXCELLENT envelope-stuffing exercise. RantWoman has stuffed LOTS of envelopes.  Envelop-stuffing is like riding a bicycle: one NEVER forgets.

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