Monday, June 1, 2015

Quibbles and querulousness

RantWoman, Why oh WHY can you not just CHILL OUT???


·       Reflecting on last month’s Meeting for Business, under our bylaws the annual meeting and also the first introduction of the budget.


o   Quorum of Annual Meeting defined in bylaws as ¼ of the members who live in King County, 21 or 22.


o   Budget for year includes dues to Quarterly and Yearly meeting. In our Meeting we customarily pay dues for everyone who is a member regardless of whether they have been inactive for a number of years. We figure this balances out for people who are very involved but have not sought membership.


·       Nearly first Item on the Agenda; termination of 7 inactive members, none of whom lives in King County. Our care and Counsel committee makes many efforts to contact and also pays attention to whether people continue to contribute even if they live at a distance.


o   Two adults and their spouses long ago associated with a worship group under our care. The mother of the two adults is still active; her daughters are not. No question, Goodbye and God bless.


o   Two adult children who grew up in Meeting, live a great distance away and have never taken any steps one way or another about membership. Goodbye and God Bless!


o   A Friend who did MANY kinds of service to Meeting and who is remembered with deep gratitude by many present but who lives at a distance and says he no longer wants connection. Many are sorry; not sense of the room to postpone. RantWoman could have stood aside AGAIN if only out of appreciation that Friend at one point asked to use our space as a neutral place where the community of local taxi drivers could work out some issues.


o   Net impact on quorum 0 because everyone terminated lives outside of King County.

o   Net impact on budget: money saved on dues is less than .5% of proposed annual budget.


·       Tidiness?


·       Sloppy reading of bylaws?


o   In WA Recording Clerks are customarily listed as Secretary on forms needed by the State of WA.


o   As if RantWoman needed any more reasons to be considered an all-around pain in the rear, at some point during a Recording Clerk gig, RantWoman looked up the roles assigned by statute to organizational secretaries. They include things like seeing that proper notice of meetings occur and also helping to see that process follows the bylaws. No problem about notice or quorum. And…?


o   Should RantWoman mention that the Recording Clerk falls under RantWoman’s continuing concern about people wearing too many hats.


·       Timeliness?


o   RantWoman herself did not even fully massage her issues until after Meeting for Business.


o   And just how much of a calamity is it????


·       Note: Count of members present: 50% greater than number required for quorum


Tidiness not terrible, but a BIT of a downer way to open Annual meeting.


PLUS RantWoman wanted to bring up a different line item to suggest to the budget. Whine! Moan. Howl. Yowl!


Please hold in the Light.

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