Friday, February 19, 2016

The healing power of popcorn

RantWoman is a VERY Bad Friend. RantWoman's mind is full of Quaker events from her week but she is also sitting with preparations for the upcoming First Day.

February 2016 Adult Religious Education
Child care will be available for each of the sessions.
Feb 21st Ministry During Worship –

When moved to speak, where do the words come from? Are they from your preoccupations, or do they come from a deeper Spirit?

Do we give time between speakers to consider what was shared? We will share experiences we have when vocal ministry deepened the Spiritual character of our worship. 
Names of two presenters who, please forgive RantWoman and pray RantWoman is wrong, are good at offering their own testimony but do not leap to RantWoman's mind as good at drawing out others. God is going to have to take care of it?

In the meantime, RantWoman is feeling terribly contrarian and meditating about when rather than waiting with measured spaces in between, God has served up popcorn, buckets and buckets of popcorn, so much popcorn that really one should just add butter and salt,  or tamari,  garlic powder and nutritional yeast, or whatever is one's preferred popcorn condiment!

RantWoman has been reflecting on popcorn, Meeting for Worship and otherwise. Otherwise as in all sorts of popcorn kernels which just might burst if even a little steam is applied.

Popcorn kernels in the soul
Popcorn RantWoman intended to turn into
gooey sticky popcorn balls but
wound up just munching

Remember this post?

Popcorn Factory Minority Report

That post describes the worst popcorn Meeting for Worship RantWoman had ever attended, to that point.

The New World Champion Popcorn Worship NPYM 2014   Ai-yi-yi. RantWoman meant just to dip her toes in and find the description of the popcorn part and out clattered a bunch of stuff RantWoman would not have minded NOT revisiting just now.Ugh.

Speaking of Zebras...I do not care whether... thought at all

RantWoman is STILL feeling tender and exasperated in a couple directions. Still as in mental tape:

"...that could not possibly have been what that Friend meant."

1. Friend, RantWoman has been TRYING to come up with more care and tenderness about how to say it, but if you cannot see how RantWoman might have gotten there...maybe it's just a really good thing you have retired from a job that, RantWoman guesses, sometimes required you mentally to go places which were other than you yourself would describe them.

2. If you cannot see ... black and white in email.... RantWoman has NO desire to point out what IS going on in her (RantWoman's own) head.

3. Honestly RantWoman does not care what the Friend we are talking about thought. RantWoman does not care whether that Friend thought AT ALL. The point is how it landed for RantWoman.

Fast forward a long time. RantWoman articulates something in public ...and...someone HEARS RantWoman. Someone specifically hears the point stabbing most deeply into RantWoman's soul. Finally! Now RantWoman can also say "The Friend who wrote that is already on RantWoman's forgive in advance list and if that does not work, the Friend gets a GIANT astrology discount for being the same sign as RantMom.

Oh Wait, Giant Astrology Discount?


Giant Astrology Discount? What's God got to do with that?

Ahhh, what does God require of ...  Is God even required...? May we please just  GO WITH THE ASTROLOGY DISCOUNT?

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