Monday, February 8, 2016

Staying alive? The Zombie Apocalypse? Coded Correctly?

Any resemblance between the following item and either an actual Meeting for Worship, psychology terminology, or metaphors piled up around the psychic landscape on Planet RantWoman is purely accidental.

How vulnerable is your state?
Zombie Risk map

Seek God First?

And if the Zombie Apocalypse shows up, at least code it correctly?

Today, God or at least Facebook sent RantWoman an item launched on its internet journey by one of RantWoman's college housemates:

Can't wait to use this new ICD 10 code: V95.41XA: spacecraft crash injuring occupant, initial encounter . Can't find code for injuries due to zombie apocalypse however.


So sad and so true !!! What kind of people come up with these codes????

What would that be for a neurologist?? Emergency brain termination due to zombie contact?

Brain consumption by zombie, incomplete, initial encounter. Excludes non-zombie cannabalism and attacks by other undead creatures. Attack by undead creature, not otherwise specified.

For spaceship crash, they don't specify modifier for human vs alien. Will be critical to have this code if Bernie gets elected and we get Universal Coverage. Won't have to find extraterrestrial remittance address for the bill.

Umm, yeah, and RantWoman thought "sucked into jet engine, follow-up visit" was already too much.

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