Thursday, February 4, 2016

And yet God Makes Buffalo

A bison!

Oh look. God or at least Facebook sent RantWoman a buffalo, possibly the perfect avatar for a RantWoman does not know when to quit moment!

God also sent RantWoman 1,2,.. N signs that she needs to continue to be true to her Light about dragging people along on the RantWoman Blindness tourism journeys to exotic Planet RantWoman.

In the zone of RantWoman not knowing when to quit, it is not obvious to RantWoman that other readers will think they need the following riff on providing services people did not expect to ask for. That would be part of the point of the buffalo, large, unwieldy, and there whether asked for or not! And yet, God makes buffalo!

RantWoman had a wonderful conversation recently with someone who is color-blind. RantWoman LOVES color-blind techies because most of the ones RantWoman knows are VERY forthright about telling their employers they get free usability consulting whether the employers ask for it or not.

There are LOTS of ways to design webpages that color-blind people cannot read and fixing those issues also tends to increase other accessibility issues. As with all accessibility issues, not to mention language access issues, learning about transit ... there tends to be need for continuing revelation, ongoing, repeated mentoring and other themes RantWoman is called continually to speak about and to speak about whether or not the topics can cause others around her to break out in hives.

Example signs:
There are LOTS of ways to design documents and printed materials. Some of them are visually lovely and completely unreadable for screen reader users. For example, RantWoman received something from someone who admits she LOVES text boxes. This person is getting paid to do a number of things she does MUCH better than RantWoman. We will not discuss this person's job title; we will simply note that willingness to learn is a pretty important part, in rantWoman's view of what she is getting paid to demonstrate, and that job description means graciously receiving input from Volunteers, not continually shunting off the volunteer input.

Understand, these problems are not unique to Quakers. HOWEVER people who have recently attended Meeting for Business at RantWoman's Meeting MIGHT be called to meditate on a concern about what gets into people's job description and whether people who have repeatedly turned down volunteer input in the past over multiple episodes can be expected to receive volunteer input about  more than one big concern RantWoman considers important.

Hold that problem in the Light and enjoy hanging out with the buffalo!


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