Friday, February 19, 2016

CISPES Part-time Fundraising position

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Hey friends!

CISPES (the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador) ishiring part-time fundraisers in Seattle. This is a great opportunity to learn grassroots fundraising skills at a national organization fighting US military and economic intervention in El Salvador and throughout Central America.

For the complete job description and to apply now, here's the Craigslist ad: Please contact me at with any questions. The job description is copied below.

Jed Walsh
West Coast Organizer, CISPES

Fundraising Collective Member - hourly (10-12 hrs/week)
Location: Seattle, WA
Start Date: March 7th, 2016
Application Due: Friday, February 19th, 2016
SALARY: This position is hourly (10-12 hours/week) with compensation of $14.37/hour

Put your fundraising skills to work with the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES) - a unique national organization dedicated to grassroots mobilization and cross-border solidarity!

This position is an exciting opportunity to:
* Support struggles for social and economic justice and against US imperialism in Latin America
* Develop your skills as part of a team of dedicated fundraisers
* Raise money to fund our movements!

Since 1980, CISPES has been working in solidarity with the FMLN (Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front) and the Salvadoran social movement to promote an alternative to the oppressive US-backed policies of the Salvadoran right-wing.

Our current campaigns focus on:
1) Supporting the revolutionary social programs of El Salvador's first-ever leftist government.
2) Continuing to challenge multi-national corporations and U.S. governmental institutions that attempt to undermine this transformation.

Local CISPES committees across the country also play an active role in
coalitions to:
* Advance struggles for immigrant rights
* Accompany the leftward shift in Latin America
* Oppose US military intervention, including under the banner of the "War on Drugs"
* Build a broad-based movement to challenge corporate-driven globalization

Fundraising Collective Members will be part of the national fundraising team. FunK members are responsible for bringing in funds for the national organization as one of our primary grassroots fundraising programs. The main role of this position is to make calls to our grassroots phone list, update supporters on our campaign, and pitch them to increase their financial and political support of CISPES.

* National Phone bank: Calling a portion of our list to update supporters and ask them to donate over the phone. The schedule is flexible but calling takes place on evenings during the week (weekend shifts are also available).
* National Collaboration: Regular coordination meetings with the FunK Coordinator and participation in monthly fundraising planning and strategy  meetings as part of the National Fundraising Team.
* Record-keeping: Maintain thorough records of fundraising phone calls, credit card donations and check pledges, send pledge reminders at the end of each call shift.

* Experience fundraising
* Comfort and confidence in asking individuals for donations over the phone
* Basic understanding of the political and social issues of Latin America,especially the US role in Central America militarily and economically, neoliberalism and labor issues in Latin America and the US
* Political beliefs that are compatible with the goals of the organization
* Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, particularly on the
phone and among a collective
* High level of organization
* High level of initiative and self-motivation; ability to work effectively with minimal supervision
* Willingness to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends
* Strong conversational English
* Commitment for at least 6 months
* Fundraising experience with phone banking and/or canvassing
* Experience with grassroots organizing and/or solidarity work
* Administrative skills
* Knowledge of CISPES and the history and politics of El Salvador
* Bilingual English/Spanish speaker
CISPES is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. People of color, women, queer folks, lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender and gender non-conforming people, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

TO APPLY: Please send a cover letter, resume and three references' contact information by email or by regular mail to: Jed Walsh, FunK Member Position, 606 Maynard Ave S, Suite 102, Seattle, WA 98104.

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