Saturday, August 15, 2015

Reminder to Self for Next Year

RantWoman's life is full and her brain is still full of the kind of loose threads that make it difficult to be sure her brain has returned from Annual Session.

Memo to self:
Next year when you register for annual session, just use the Notes Section and list as follows:
1. As a reasonable accommodation for RantWoman who cannot read regular print, especially print that is hanging on walls, please post all state of society reports to the Annual Session webpage, preferably before the beginning of AS.

[RantWoman this year is grateful to have received the State of Society reports fairly early in Annual Session and one in particular for a fond and tender personal reason even though it involved mention of recovery from a broken hip.]

2. As a reasonable accommodation for RantWoman who does not read print and because epistles from other Yearly Meetings all seen to arrive by email either as web links or separate emails / files, please post the epistles to the Annual Session webpage preferably before the beginning of Annual Session.

[RantWoman received emails providing either electronic copies of or links to this year's epistles a couple days AFTER the end of Annual Session. RantWoman sometimes likes to suggest that the Daily Bulletin editor excerpt a paragraph or two in the Daily Bulletin. RantWoman also sometimes likes to reflect on whether or not other Quaker bodies have similar problems. And furthermore, RantWoman is just peeved with the clerk of epistle committee on other grounds to begin with. (How many times does RantWoman have to tell you, it gets REALLY tiresome when you complain about being overwhelmed AND turn down RantWoman's REPEATED offers of help. RantWoman does NOT apologize for needing to make this requestion. So next year, RantWoman will ask IN ADVANCE in plenty of time for SOMEONE to .. please do te best SOMEONE can to get the epistles from other Yearly Meetings and Quaker gatherings posted on the NPYM website before Annual Session.]

and while we are on the subject

...of epistles

...of rendering invisible

...of RantWoman's overabundance of things to fly off the handle about.

The link to the 2015 epistle

RantWoman calls readers' attention to the opening paragraph:

"Friends from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana gathered in the sunshine among the ponderosa pine trees at a university campus in Spokane, Washington, from July 15 – July 19, 2015 for the 43rd Annual Session of the North Pacific Yearly Meeting."

"at A university"? WTF????

RantWoman was told "well, we are not advertising the university?"

Did not the site committee deem it suitable?

Can you not fathom that maybe someone reading the epistle might have visited the Whitworth campus and have fond associations as they read of NPYM's experiences there?

Can you fathom the possibility that someone like RantWoman might really appreciate the names of places as aids to keep straight memories of the good the mediocre in the realm of accessibility? More than once at Annual Sessions RantWoman has had to wander into university tech support; RantWoman can tell you it matters a great deal with the tech support staff deals easily with accessibility software. RantWoman is also happy to tell anyone who asks that sometime venues are cheap because they have not invested in needed accessibility upgrades. RantWoman is not opining about architectural accessibility at this year's site, Whitworth University. RantWoman is simply bearing witness AGAIN to the point that sometimes little things matter a great deal, and RantWoman refuses even to apologize for needing to bless our body being nearly insufferable about her concerns!

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