Thursday, August 20, 2015

LLW on Spiritual Authority within the Meeting.

Via the Santa Barbara Friends Meeting Facebook page.

This passage comes from Lloyd Lee Wilson's pamphlet, published through School of the Spirit, entitled The Exercise of Spiritual Authority Within the Meeting.

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The Religious Society of Friends, contrary to popular belief, is at heart a corporate spiritual journey, not an individual one. It is not a place where each individual gets to have their own self-designed spiritual growth program. It is only in our joint practice, in our joint experience, and our joint testimonies as Friends that we become communities of believers who can do the work that God has set out for us. God's project, as understood by Friends, is not so much the sanctification of myriads of individuals as it is the transformation of all creation. We are not sent out to win souls to Christ, we are sent to restore Creation to harmony with God: to establish God's Kingdom on earth in all its fullness [. . .]

 The measure of our faithfulness is not how many hearts we have won to Jesus or God or the Divine Power or the Inner Light. It is how real we have made the Kingdom of God. How much we have been willing to learn and do together. Have we learned how to live in harmony, justice, and love in our meetings, and have we taken what we've learned with us into the world?
RantWoman checked the Way of the Spirit webpage and found the following page of publications:
RantWoman considered the option of having one of her trademark temper tantrums about print-only publication lists.. Fortunately, RantWoman also discovered this wonderful Library page with files in PDF and MP3! Now RantWoman means to listen to the whole MP3 file!

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