Sunday, August 30, 2015

Mark Wutka's Top 7 Most Quaker Bible Verses

RantWoman should just let Mark Wutka speak for himself, but God seems to keep dropping a different calling into RantWoman's lap.

--RantWoman is not sure how to get to "walk worthy of one's calling" but one strand of calling keeps arriving with about the same finesse as the average housecat with claws fully extended against some gravitational excess. RantWoman would not mind a gentler approach.

--Mark Wutka mentions unity but does not cite any Bible verses. RantWoman actually considers that omission a GOOD thing. Here would be an example of events straining a sense of unity or even quest for unity: On Yearly Meetings Releasing Meetings RantWoman finds herself wondering whether Friends should start with some sense of communion and THEN try for unity.

--One of the most interesting parts of presenting this video to blog: figuring out which of RantWoman's tags apply.

--RantWoman's biblical understandings tend not to have specific chapter and verse attached, though she is fond for instance of steadfast love that endures forever and recurs many many times in the Psalms, and also having life abundantly.

--It's the end of the summer and the phrase "fruits of the spirit" is evoking images of wrinkled, overripe and half rotten, half fermented plums. Between RantWoman and God, the kitchen is versatile, but if everything is overripe, God is just going to have to make jam. 

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