Thursday, May 7, 2015

Vocabulary: gender communications SAMPLE

Dear Readers,

The following is only one of the many themes distracting RantWoman from thoughts of travelling off to Boston for this weekend's PeaceCampHerstory Celebration.

As if God were not already sending along far too many ways for RantWoman to be, um, Hard to Take, RantWoman offers a need for vocabulary lessons.

RantWoman admits to spending quite a bit of energy in recent years TRYING to generate vocabulary lessons, and vocabularly lessons that do not just involve dusty pamphlets RantWoman cannot read but maybe possibly involve shared conversations and resources in a variety of media and maybe possibly a sense of We are all ministers of God and RantWoman in fact having things to contribute to the conversation, not just take.

Hear that Library Committee?  (RantWoman has not asked very directly so if not, it's OKAY for now.

Hear that Worship and Ministry Committee????

Hear that Care and Counsel Committee? If not RantWoman will be really glad to resend some email!!!! Okay RantWoman admits at one point, she was perfectly well aware of the vocabulary being applicable to herself and wanted to share a resource. Unfortunately the first website where she looked had been updated and RantWoman did not spend much time trying to look for the vocabulary in other places she knows to look.

Hear that Nominating Committee? Not so RantWoman has noticed exactly.

But today RantWoman will stick to a more limited domain, Gender communication Vocabulary Lessons

The meaning of the term mansplaining is amply and abundantly documented and RantWoman invites readers to use the search engine of their choice if they need more detail.

Gender Deafness Disorder: a condition affecting many men. Those afflicted are frequently unable to make sense of things said by women and magically cured when the exact same thought emerges from the mouth of a man.

Male Monologue Syndrome: this condition takes many forms. A classic can be described as a man exhibiting evidence of thinking "there is a woman in front of me. She certainly must want to hear me talk."

Quakers are the land of peace and enlightenment and stalwarts in the women's suffrage movement...and therefore magically cured of this, absolved of any need to contemplate unexamined male privilege...?

Um, NO! Not so much.

And is it more charitable to let people writhe in suspense and misery or just to...?

Uhhh, consider the following conversation snippet which may or may not resemble actual conversation anywhere around RantWoman.

I am not interested in your thought process Friend "...and let me tell you about my draft board story..," in context not a COMPLETE non-sequitur but RantWoman is TRYING to have a conversation with "I'm not interested in your thought processes Friend" about something else.

Oh good, and now Conflict is a Gift of God Friend also needs to tell his draft board story too..

Hold RantWoman and everyone in the vicinity of the RantWoman Inner Blowtorch in the Light.

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