Monday, May 4, 2015

Talk A lot Magic 8 Ball

Gee RantWoman, you talk a lot in Meeting for Business.

Imagine a Magic 8 ball with a number of responses pre-installed:

1.. Well, ya know, RantWoman is not currently ON a committee where she MIGHT find both closer personal fellowship and an outlet for at east SOME of what exercises her in Meeting Life. So the ONLY place to hear RantWoman is Meeting for Business, and that is actually NOT the best place for RantWoman to hear others, ask questions...

2. RantWoman would be thrilled, Thrilled, THRILLED if at least some of her concerns SOMETIMES made it out of others' mouths.

3. Everyone is entitled to MY Opinion

4. Minutes of exercise. Minutes of exercise. RantWoman on and off has one Recording Clerk that really is all about minutes of exercise. That means that if one reads a sequence of minutes one can usually see how a position has evolved and solidified. RantWoman has a continuing concern that her Meeting's minutes are way too boiled down. RantWoman actually thinks she MIGHT have a better sense of people understanding key concepts and people's thinking evolving if the work of Meeting for Business reflected more minutes of exercise.

5. What exactly are people avoiding if all anyone can talk about is how much RantWoman talks in Meeting for Business????

You are supposed to be mindful...

Mindful? As in Read your mind?

Look, RantWoman cannot read minds. She cannot read faces. Rantwoman's natural state is darned obtuse in the first place. If you think RantWoman talks to much....  If RantWoman says something you do not understand, consider finding a way to ask for clarification.

That is not actually what RantWoman said. The first time the subject of RantWoman talking too much came up, RantWoman said something along the lines of  "sometimes I do consecutive interpreting. Then it is my job to do half of all the talking in a conversation. So NO, I would not necessarily notice any imbalance in other situations.

RantWoman has in fact been paying attention to the talking too much concern. Hold that point in the Light.

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