Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mothers Day Hair Meditations: Curly and Fuzzy and a brother in between

God has a TWISTED sense of humor. RantWoman sat down to write a Mother's Day item for Little Sister. That is still seasoning.

Instead RantWoman offers the birth stories of RantMom's 3 children, at least in terms of hair:

RantWoman was born with a full head of curly hair. Family lore: RantDad had lunch with one of RantWoman's auxiliary backup grandmother / namesakes before coming to see RantMom at the hospital. Auxiliary Backup Grandma was scandalized that RantDad ate green onions for lunch. That truly did not bother RantMom.

RantWoman was too little to remember much of RantBrother's appearance on the scene. He had hair too. RantDad said a forcep mark on RantBrother's cheek made him an ugly baby. Poor RantBrother especially since RantWoman was also WAY too young to appreciate a sibling.

RantWoman remembers RantMom being pregnant with Little Sister, talk of a seed in a tummy. RantWoman does not remember details of RantMom going into labor or going to the hospital. RantWoman does remember Little Sister, Fuzz, coming home from the hospital with the whole family, RantDad driving, RantMom in the front seat with the baby, in the hoary mists of prehistory before newborns were not allowed out of hospitals and into cars without a car seat. RantBrother sat behind RantDad;  a toddler-aged RantWoman peered over the other side of the back seat at the new baby. She had hardly any hair, very light colored and no eyebrows that RantWoman could see even though RantWoman already had her first pair of glasses.

If RantWoman were a more focused writer or drawing more easily from wells of magical realism, RantWoman MIGHT try to spin a whole fountain of "go talk to your counselor" themes into better narrative, but for now RantWoman is going to trust her Light about including the item below in the same blog post even as she leaves readers guessing about how threads connect.

This item is dedicated to RantBrother and to RantWoman's current efforts to see whether MAYBE possibly RantMom might SOMEHOW intersect with some mental health services. Hold in Light.

What it's like when your rapist appears as "People you may know" on Facebook
Spoken word; TRIGGER WAARNING, which is why this comes as a link instead of a video:

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