Sunday, May 10, 2015

University District Business Improvement area

RantWoman knows perfectly well that her blog as quaker journal model of content curation is already way too raggedy. Cope. RantWoman thinks there might be some value in collecting links related to public processes in the U-district.  If someone has other ideas....

First, an item RantWoman penned for her Meeting's newsletter after a discussion of minutes where RantWoman completely mangled the point that someone else who so far has not acquired a nom-de-blog had also presented on the topic.

Major changes will be coming to the University District over the next several years. New Light Rail stations will be opening and there will also be transit and other changes. Many in the area expect zoning changes to promote transit-oriented development, increased housing density as well as other economic activity.

One important forum to discuss these impending changes is the U-District Partnership For the last 4 years, the U District Partnership has been promoting extensive conversations among community, business, academic leaders, faith communities, and homeless or social services advocates. Friends interested in knowing more are encouraged to sign up for the U District Partnership email list.

In June 2014, in connection with the U District conversation on Homelessness and the U District Partnership, UFM Meeting for Business approved a minute petitioning the City of Seattle to create a new larger U District Business Improvement Area in the U-District. The Finance and Culture Committee of the City Council is working on an ordinance that will define the boundaries, financing, and governance of the BIA.  Friends can find the calendar and video record for these hearings at

Tip: the hearings always open with a poetry reading. Finance Committee currently anticipates that UFM's financial assessment will be very modest but hot topics in the hearings include the boundaries of the BIA, how other categories of property owners will be assessed and the scope of authority granted to whoever manages the BiA, expected to be the U District Partnership. Friends are encouraged to inform themselves as they have time and as this process evolves.

From Council Member Licata's blog

The hearing of the Full Council on April 24, 2015 enacting the revised BIA

The entire string of Seattle City Council Finance and Culture Committee hearings on same.

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