Monday, February 9, 2015

Snow, Suffrage, Seattle: Riffing on Moses Brown - School Is Closed

RantWoman notes weather reports indicating the third major snowstorm along the east coast in 2 weeks.

Readers who need their School is Closed announcement set to music, have at it!

A link to the followup video about the video

There. Now, please excuse RantWoman for certainty that Quakerism is a lot more than a few boarding schools and some small colleges!

RantWoman is fired up with zeal to set matters right as far as  Truth in the vicinity of RantWoman:

The bad news if one were to want snow closure in or around Seattle: it is presently 53 degrees and raining. We need the moisture. We need snow in the Cascades more.

The "good" news: it would take less than an inch of snow to shut down Seattle. We have very steep hills. We have temperature regimes that melt things slightly and then turn snow into sheets of ice. We have people who have NO CLUE how to drive. Anyone new to Seattle who wonders why everyone is getting told to GO HOME when there is what looks to people from snowier climes like only heavy frost on the ground needs to GO HOME first and ask questions later.

Sorry RantWoman does not have a more tuneful way to say that.

Now, about those Quakers being at the forefront of social justice movements, say, like women's suffrage: look all you easterners. MT, WY, OR and RantWoman thinks some other western states women all had the right to vote long before the rest of the country. With the possible exception of OR, about which RantWoman needs to do more research, none of these states was exactly a hotbed of Quakerism!

But RantWoman, what about that famous Quaker business process of trying to listen to everyone?

RantWoman apologizes: she is presently unable to summon her Nom de Blog for the person from her Meeting who says there is this thing called the Seattle Process that is all about turning all of Seattle into Quaker Meeting!

Would this be...EVANGELISM...or just outrageous quest for World Domination?????

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