Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lay Over

RantWoman is deeply humbly grateful to have had a whole week to reflect on proposed items for Meeting for Business. RantWoman is deeply humbly grateful for information exchanged oer the week by email. And RantWoman’s Inner Blowtorch still did not kick into focus completely until too late to season one piece of concern before Meeting for Business. RantWoman has set this to post after Meeting for Business and may edit further after the fact.

 Bless the Lord oh my soul. RantWoman thought she already had enough, enough, enough of.... Apparently RantWoman was mistaken, though between cyberspace and face to face RantWoman has also been served up a peculiar collection of signs and miracles.

1. RantWoman is having an allergic reaction to the phrase "prayerful discernment." It's like most allergies: one does not necessarily ract the first time, but... Mercifully, the allergy did not kick in until AFTER Meeting for Business. Bless the Lord ... for Light of the form "Here is my Leading. How are we gong to work with it?"

2. Another sign highly topical to this post: Tinker vs Des Moines, a famous Supreme Court case that wandered out of RantWoman's spiritual compost heap during a conversation about Quaker children in Seattle Public Schools. Bless the Lord oh my soul and also RantWoman's eighth grade American history teacher.

And what meme will RantWoman grab? It probably will not appear in this post.

This email remained unsent but has been edited for blogworthiness. Please read all the way through before hyperventilating.

Hi Friends

 Would it be possible simply to lay over everything to do with the committee discerning about an item of business RantWoman does not wish to specify. I am sorry to write this so late and very humble in my clarity about the need to do so.

 I do not unite with the proposal simply to ANNOUNCE the names on this proposed committee. I believe Meeting for Business needs to be engaged enough to APPROVE this step and I am really sorry  for the late notice but I am not prepared to APPROVE this list without dealing with some history involving Very Weighty Friend who is town this weekend and I am not clear to move forward without conversation about my concern. I am having a somewhat parallel concern with Jesus and His Magic Mud Friend. For better or worse I have limited basis for opinion out of about anyone else proposed but we still need to lay this over and concentrate today on the question about (money).

 Here is my issue. I wrote the following blog post about how cool the new website is:

 Writing the blog post I collided with a conversation from a nominating season a few years ago where Seriously Weighty Friend repeatedly declared everything to do with disability off-topic. To me that is dangerously close to saying that everything to do with the ADA is off-topic, something we CANNOT do either morally or legally.

 I KNOW Friends have been subjected to lots of work since then but I am still clear that I cannot agree to move forward without some kind of effort to address this history. Since Seriously Weighty Friend is out of town this month, I urge us to lay this matter over until next month and in the interim I will speak to people involved and be open to conversations initiated by others.

 Thank you all very much for holding this concern in prayer.



PS. So Out of Order Friend also earned her Nom de Blog for a conversation where, to RantWoman’s ear, the need to speak of disability and privilege was declared So Out of Order. Well, RantWoman is unsure whether it was the need to talk about such things that was declared So out of Order or RantWoman’s persistence in trying to speak at a time when a whole bunch of weighty Friends from out of town were in attendance.  Please hold the problem and RantWoman’s and others’ further discernment in the Light.

RantWoman is especially holding in the Light the following themes:

 --More than one Friend who seems to think that because they personally cannot do something it neither can be done in general nor needs to be done.

 --The difference between cannot and will not attempt.

 PPS. RantWoman spoke to this concern, still not in full detail in Meeting for Business. RantWoman was also blessed with further conversation and further clarity about continuing need to be true to her Light. Bah! Why can't it just be EASY...?

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