Thursday, February 19, 2015

Meaning to: Lent

RantWoman means to meditate on the meaning of Lent, at least enough to work on the giving something up issue. In the meantime, RantWoman offers one list of options for the season.

Alert readers will note that RantWoman is late even getting started. credit for that belongs to the Queen of Spades, RantWoman's interim spiritual director.

The Queen of Spades takes a break from spiritual direction duties to patrol for pigeons on the window ledge.
The Queen of Spades' counsel for almost all of RantWoman's spiritual concerns is that RantWoman should be still, worship or pray, (falling asleep also counts) and serve as cat furniture so the Spiritual Director has something warm to sleep on. RantWoman has definitely received worse advice.

RantWoman has a long list of sufferings and shortcomings she is happy to think about givingup for lent, but even the thinkingabout will have to wait for another day.

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