Friday, February 6, 2015

Big Giant Thought Bubbles of Gratitude

Big purple blobs to start with:

Allium Giganteum, BIG purple flowering garlic

Big Giant Thought Bubbles of Gratitude or something.

Has RantWoman mentioned that Little Sister alternates? One minute she will be sharing unbelievable amonts of detail about say compression garments and unbalanced body parts after surgery all over the bus. The next minute she will be telling RantMom her paid caregiver to "shut up in the name of HIPAA."

The sharing abundantly behavior SOMETIMES attracts empathy and various strands of useful info from people who travel in the same realms. The Shut up in the Name of HIPAA also comes with SOME blessings: RantWoman is actually quite enjoying subtractions of RantMom editorializing about matters in Little Sister's household that RantWoman sees differently than RantMom. The problem is how to speak of GIANT gratitudes.

It occurs to RantWoman that she is not necessarily supposed to know the first item, but supposing that RantWoman were extrapolating from:

--Summer discussions of new wheelchair with different weight and center of gravity and maneuverability than old one and issues of whether this really is compatible with bus travel.

--A sense of continued progress due to person who has somehow worked brilliantly with Little Sister in the realm of helping her get a handle on things she is probably mortally vexed to be stuck about such as paperwork for different paratransit transportation options.

Then RantWoman could express HUGE gratitude that the getting paperwork lined up so that RantMom and Little Sister get transported together and delivered to needed doorways. RantWoman thinks this is PROBABLY orders of magnitude more manageable than Little Sister in her motorized wheelchair and RantMom on foot trying to stay in sync about travel. RantMom has her cane and the wheeled backpack she admits to relying on for help with balance and her hearing loss and perpetual vexations about buying shoes that fit right and interact favorably with bunnions and hammertoes and.. still has the same excuses to gritch about the eccentric choices paratransit drives make about routing, but OH WELL!

RantWoman's other GIANT gratitude comes via a chance encounter on the bus wth Irrepressible Nephew while both were enroute to Wednesday night activities at our respective faith communities.
First we have a giant party of celebration for Irrepressible Nephew crossing the milestones needed to go at least a few places ON HIS OWN. Here's to the dance of new horizons and new responsibilities!
Irrepressible Nephew reports that AT LAST after YEARS of trying, Little Sister's household has moved from an apartment on two stories iwht stairs to an apartment with the same space but all on one level! Little Sister's household has been TRYING to cut through bureaucracy, red tape to achieve this for YEARS and it FINALLY has come about. RantWoman is VERY humble about a sense of mouthy white person managing to push a lot of the right levers to make it happen. Hold that point and extra gratitude and humility in the Light along with all the other people who really need accessible apartments in the Light.

RantWoman heard the word "stressed" in reference to both of Nephew's parents; RantWoman also heard the kind of sweet moment from Brother in Law that tends to make RantMom roll her eyes but that RantWoman deeply values for its authenticity, for the shared validation of the value of RantWoman just listening.

RantWoman will offer GIANT thought bubbles of gratitude for Little Sister having more space. RantWoman DEEPLY prays that the extra space is worth all the stress of moving. RantWoman is EXTREMELY grateful for RantMom not working in an environment crammed with so many trip and fall hazards that RantWoman did not even like going to visit.

And Irrepressible Nephew made RantWoman grin: a couple stops after he got on the bus, we all had to change buses to one without some mechanical issue. Irrepressible Nephew: "Good Bye Auntie, I want to go sit in the back!"

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