Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Uncharacteristically Brief

One of the threads of Meeting life that seems underatrticulated in the life of RantWoman's Meeting right now is "survivors."

Survivors of what?
Possibly pointless digression, more RantWoman family strangeness: one year Little Sister's birthday gift to RantWoman was...a wooden plaque..with a plastic trout affixed. Somewhere there was a switch; when switched on, the plastic trout would writhe and a plastic electronic voice would warble Aretha Franklin's I will survive."

Survive what? The plaque maybe? That moment between utter stomach-turning revulsion and howls of laughter?

Survivors? You mean like voted off the island? Uhhh, RantWoman is the WRONG person to ask about that meme just now.

Survivors of what, seventh grade and what RantWoman snarled recently about "snot nosed twits who won't talk to..."
Uhhh, hold both seventh grade and snarling in the Light.

Surviving .... with the power of prayer, the wonders of worship....peerless spiritual accompaniment...?
Uhhh,to RantWoman's ear one of the zones of serious underarticulation.  For now, in the zone of spiritual accompaniment, the wonder of the day: what is it about RantWoman's face that causes people to be able to tell her about their restraining order issues?

Bear in mind, people in RantWoman's Meeting use different language to talk about their spiritual lives. Some have official mental health credentials or job responsibilities.... Many do not. Even arriving at a common language of words and experiences seems not to be straightforward.

To illustrate:
Newcomer to RantWoman about Friend with whom she has life circumstances in parallel: Do you think she will ever get over it?

RantWoman No (and you do not have to put up with anyone expecting you to get over it either but you are still both brave and cool people and what is in the present for you besides all that YUCK?.)

RantWoman has listened to the second Friend referred to above many many times. Often RantWoman just listens for some specified interval and time and space intervene to limit the repetitions. But one time after such listening, it came to RantWoman to....SEND EMAIL
The email was uncharacteristically brief.
It involved about four questions using the verb "forgive" and various subjects and objects.

Friend of the Forgiveness questions called RantWoman up a few days later. At first she was growling. Then she admitted the questions are on point. Then she growled a little more about email.

RantWoman to herself, ever able to access the vein of communications manglement, Sheesh. You growl that much about email. Can you possible fathom why one might duck away from the phone or in person?

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