Thursday, November 13, 2014

Holy Crap, in three acts

Dear, God, thank you ever so much for recent HOLY CRAP moments in the churnings of RantWoman's spiritual compost heap!

Please, everyone within range of RantWoman's Inner Blowtorch and capacity for scorching phrasing, please, please, please hold this entire post in the Light.

Act 1
A long time ago when RantWoman was serving her Yearly Meeting in some capacity she does not remember, RantWoman was part of a conversation about sending a couple Friends from her Yearly Meeting away to study at the feet of Weighty Friend from Far Off Philadelphia.
RantWoman is pretty sure she is the one who pointed out that airfares are basically the same East to West as West to East and back, but that more people from her Yearly Meeting would benefit if the mountain came to Mohammed, the masses of simple Quakers who might benefit from instruction rather than sending a trickle of people east. RantWoman's comment resulted in Weighty Friend From Far Off Philadelphia coming west and doing a special session on clerking for many Friends from her Yearly Meeting.

Weighty Friend from Far Off Philadelphia came west but RantWoman for some reason wound up not among those included in his session. So for better or worse, RantWoman is unencumbered by direct learning from said Friend. Said Friend was also unencumberd by the opportunity to learn of blind person in Meetings issues. RantWoman is unsure she herself was even trying to address blind person in meetings issues yet, possibly because this was while RantWoman was pretending things were fine, just fine, really until the gift of labelling. Sigh. RantWoman notes this tartly because at some point later in her particular version of Quakerism the melodrama, RantWoman was engaged in dialogue with Weighty Friends who teach clerking about exactly her own experience.

Weighty Friend # 1 suggested that RantWoman ask Weighty Friend from Far Off Philadelphia about his experience with blind people in meetings. RantWoman duly emailed him. He emailed back that to his knowledge he had never dealt with blind person in meetings issues. ONLY THEN were weighty Friends locally ready to engage directly with RantWoman's experience.

Act 2.
...I don't like it (sudoku)...feels like we're held hostage...
Hostage. Hostage. Hostage. Did you not read RantWoman's latest Women's Theology conference reflections,  say something about dragging others along on a journey they would not necessarily choose either

Act 3.
RantWoman woke up at 4 am one year during Annual Session stunniingly, resoundly clear to persist in dealing with blind person in Meetings issues.
But another circumstance intervened.
RantWoman why did you spend so much time on....?
You, Friend, should be grateful that Friend's help deal with it NOW concerns took precedence over scorching the airwaves with fury.

RantWoman why did you spend so much time on...?
RantWoman actually did not spend a lot of time. RantWoman looked from time to time. RantWoman noticed things. RantWoman sent email. RantWoman noted a couple moments where, if there had been no return email, RantWoman would have taken other steps. There are MANY other pieces RantWoman is clear NOT to spell out.
RantWoman why did you spend so much time on,....?
Here RantWoman's inner Data aggregator kicked in around her meeting.
--Parent of special needs child.
--Parent of special needs child.
--Parent of special needs child?
--Parent of special needs child?

Holy crap. The number is not as large as when RantWoman did a mental census of people around her Meeting with severe vision issues, but there are things to hold.

Okay, God, NOW WHAT?

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