Sunday, November 23, 2014

Dostoevsky Gratitudes

Dostoevsky Gratitudes: at least for now, the cliff notes version, without the whole Russian novel of free associations fogged about RantWoman's head this time of year:

RantWoman in connection with today's meeting of the group meandering through John Woolman's journal allowed her mind to wander to various moments of 18th and 19th history, the French revolution in 1789, the upheavals in Europe and the US of 1848 which reached Russia as well...

RantWoman has particularly been having many conversations of Dostoevsky and hereby offers a few links, should the churnings from the endless stream of raw material for RantWoman's spiritual compost heap present time for more focused reflection:
Dostoevsky, as was the fashion of the time, got paid by the cuarto. He also had lots of debts to try to stay ahead of because of  a gambling problem. So, should extensive digressions be needed, he certainly had incentive to offer.

RantWoman's current mental health professional is into Dostoevskyh. A couple appointments ago, she was reading the Idiot, one of the gentler of the old gambling addict's ouevre. Let's hear it for free content from Amazon.

Recently, a brave soul unfamiliar with the Still Didn't Get  The Memo on Email Immoderation invited RantWoman to communicate by email. Somehow RantWoman mentioned having been a Russian literature major in college, the therapist reading the Idiot. Brave email correspondent just LAUGHED! Stay tuned?

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