Friday, April 14, 2017

Spiritual times 14

The time is upon us again to reflect on the State of Society in RantWoman’s meeting.  The short version: an examination of the spiritual health of (someone’s) Meeting

 Note: excessive use of the word “spiritual” sometimes makes RantWoman sneeze, violently, with noises that start to sound like “theologically insipid!”

 [--Yes, RantWoman, and this may be the state of YOUR Meeting but it may or may not reflect the state of the drafters’ Meeting. Come on. Support. Encourage!

--Yeah. There is that part about the soft bigotry of low expectations and eldering as a path to draw out people’s better selves…


 Anyway, RantWoman has various translation and code-switch reflexes that SOMETIMES kick in. For this season, luckily out popped some queries aimed at helping this year’s drafters overcome numerous other allergy-provoking points.

What does God require of us? (you mean we gotta use the G-g-g word? Yeah, around RantWoman there better be room.)

 How are we called to walk along side each other in our various struggles?

 What does walk along side each other mean anyway?

 What are some of the circumstances trying our souls?

 What blessings do we need to enumerate?

A longer version, round 1.

The time is upon us again to reflect on the State of Society in RantWoman’s meeting.

Reviews at first reading are mixed One Friend: “It’s fine,” with vague flabby sort of bureaucratized prose and 14 uses of the word “spiritual,” several to a paragraph in more than one paragraph.  Another: “we should have a called Meeting” (bloody hell NOT on Easter Sunday….) before Quarterly Meeting.

 FOURTEEN uses of the word “spiritual?” Fourteen? Holy Theologicallly insipid Batman! Fourteen! Whatever is a RantWoman to do?

Google Translate????

RantWoman’s first instinct: take every sentence containing the word “spiritual,” Google translate the sentence into some random language, choose one of the suggestions at random, back translate to English and see what comes out.


One problem with this idea: some sentences contain the word spiritual more than once.

Another problem, besides obvious well-documented and also way more esoteric issues about Google translate: RantWoman regularly evokes Google autocorrect and fiercely resents any hunk of code acting like it knows more than RantWoman herself does about God, what RantWoman means to type, or the rest of the world.

Okay, how about those code-switch reflexes?


See above.

RantWoman does better with specifics.

Show me, don’t just tell me.

There. Now RantWoman will return to “Jesus is dead and you expect me to WORK?” mode.  #GoodFriday


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