Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Should we continue to pay taxes for war: EVENT

RantWoman will not be attending the event described below this introductory rant but is posting it here IN CASE any of her readers have time, inclination, leading etc....

RantWoman does not entirely apologize for lack of timely announcement. RantWoman in this case would greatly appreciate it if people who have great content to share would take responsibility and share it themselves, not expect RantWoman to do it for them.

RantWoman feels the world is entitled to further tirades  involving the word EMAIL.  Hold that in the Light, for one thing because RantWoman's day was already WAY too full of tirade-worthy themes, even before the White House Press Secretary's disgusting Passover offering to the world.

Resisting Taxes for War
Tuesday, April 11
6:30-8:30 PM
Pipsqueak Art Gallery
173 16th Ave (at the corner of 16th & Spruce)
On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/250594938736504/

Should we continue to pay taxes to a government that declares war on
immigrants? That militarizes the border? That for decades has colonized and
destabilized other countries? That helps create the refugee crisis and
conditions that cause immigration, and then demonizes refugees and

There are many different ways to resist war taxes, with varying risks and
benefits. Join local war tax resisters to discuss reasons for and ways to
engage in a Tax Day revolt against Trump's (or any president's) militarist,
anti-immigrant agenda.

Although Tax Day 2017 is April 18, and many of us have already paid taxes,
it's just the right time to start considering resistance for next year.
We won't just refuse to pay—we will redirect our refused taxes to groups
working for justice, liberation, and meeting basic human needs. Many
resisters are choosing to specifically redirect to local groups led by
people of color who are working to end militarism, imperialism, and
oppression of immigrants, refugees, and border communities.

Light refreshments provided - please feel free to bring something to share.
Accessibility: The space is wheelchair accessible, but unfortunately the
bathroom is not. This is not a fragrance-free space, but please avoid
wearing fragrances for the comfort of folks with chemical sensitivities.
Please contact seawater@riseup.net with additional accessibility needs.
Program by Seattle War Tax Resistance (http://www.facebook.com/seawtr).
Inspired by the work of the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating
Committee. Learn more about the call for local collective redirection (
http://nwtrcc.org/resist/redirection/redirection-2017/) or about war tax
resistance in general (http://nwtrcc.org/resist/).

There should be parties
to celebrate
the end of this world.
There should be flowers
to welcome
a new one.
- "There Should Be Flowers," J. Jennifer Espinoza

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