Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Grab The blind Person and Bless Them, chapter n+1

Dear I'm not Interested in Your Thought Processes Friend,

RantWoman wishes to thank you.

RantWoman does NOT particularly wish to thank you for the need to make MULTIPLE efforts, by phone, by email, previously over a period of years to address Grab the Blind Person and Bless Them Behavior. RantWoman does NOT Thank you or anyone else to whom RantWoman THINKS she has clearly articulated requests for help. RantWoman does NOT thank people for ignoring phone, email or for deciding that RantWoman somehow does not need to talk about this situation.

But Friend, thank you, when RantWoman finally just decided to confront you in person about your most recent and most egregious Grab The Blind Person and Bless Them moment!

THANK YOU for acknowledging that grabbing RantWoman by her upper arms on both sides and saying "Hi" is, in fact, Grab the Blind Person and Bless Them behavior. Thank you for saying, when RantWoman called this to your attention, that you realized right after you did it, that your behavior is objectionable. How about next time, you just Mean Not to?

Please do not EVER grab RantWoman like that again. Say "Hi it's ." Or "excuse me." Or just wait for choke points to clear.

The situation was crowded. RantWoman did not want to bump into anyone.She wanted to put  things down and get in line for lunch. Possibly as a public service RantWoman should have yelled loudly but did not. Now though, RantWoman is asking you very  directly Not To Do It Again!

 RantWoman deals with this Grab the Blind Person and Bless Them / move them out of the way  all the time: older white some kind of official guy at some disaster preparedness event 

(not so far committed to the blogosphere)
African American woman in tippy heels and spangly dress who thought dragging RantWoman across the street in the dark would be helpful at a neighborhood memorial event,
 random guy in pickup exuding slight redneck vibes who drove past me, stopped his car and waited for RantWoman to approach in order to bless or pray or something annoying enough to trigger some nerves related to a stalking experience.

"Grab the Blind Person and Bless Them" evoked gales of laughter from the whole room when RantWoman did two minutes of standup last year at the WA Council of the Blind convention so RantWoman knows it's a common problem. RantWoman really does not care what you intended, whether you intended this to be friendly. RantWoman considers it consider it off the charts for everyone else at her Meeting except...drum roll please... Conflict Is a Gift Of God Friend...  who has gotten the message after having to be told multiple times. 

To Summarize DO NOT do it again!

There. Now RantWoman will resume her usual calm demeanor, at least until the next amazing episode....

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