Monday, April 17, 2017

Resurrection in two characters

RantWoman offers the following reflections on Easter RantWoman-style:

This year's "When Christians celebrate Passover, there's a crucifixion involved" moment beside thoughts of still wanting to try Ben and Jerry's Charoset ice cream: Maundy Thursday at RantMom's church. Handwashing from a pitcher of warm water (lovely actually, but thank you no footwashing), the passage from Exodus about smiting the first born and roasting a yearling ram and blood on doorjambs to keep God from smiting all the firstborn. Ummm memo to self: must read further. Meanwhile, enjoy the chickpea soup and send RantMom a useful search string to share with a church mate badly needing a wheeled walker with a seat.

Twitter already on Easter Eve
Христос воскрес  Christ is Risen
воистину воскрес He is Risen Indeed
вв (He is Risen Indeed, in two characters.)
Easter Lily, blossoning since Wednesday

Praise the Lord and pass the Congressional Investigation. The Western and Orthodox calendars have Easter occurring the same day this year. We humbly take time off from  #russiagate #trumpRussia #notmyPresident, that intersection of geopolitics and military display, and sundry related hashtags for a spell of praying and worshipping together

Meeting for worship: messages of unbelief, fasting, and bacon. Also large family celebrations. Jumble of RantSiblings, Easter Sunday church production and feast did not make it out of RantWoman's mouth. Nor did Passover because by that time the children had come. Is RantWoman doing any favors by shielding children from the full piquancy of her mental meanderings? Uhhh, figure that out another day.

Recently RantWoman had overheard a comment and realized it would be easy to pray over. A voice during introductions ...

RantMom had her usual spell of needing to have a crowd over and feed them. This year, besides RantMom and RantWoman, Little Sister, Brother in Law, Nephew and ....First Girlfriend. Nephew was just back from a week of building houses with his church group in Tijuana. Conversation alternated between fresh back from trip details, extended yawns,  and desire to go take a walk with Girlfriend.  Menu was Keep It Simple: grilled Salmon, asparagus, orange jello salad, mashed potatoes, with any combination desired of sliced strawberries, ice cream and shortcakes. There was also sufficient chocolate.

Little Sister offered the Family Blessing. She kept saying Thanksgiving. Possibly just fine.

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