Wednesday, January 4, 2017

UnNameTag with Pronouns

Behold RantWoman's all-purpose reusable UnNameTag:

Name plus pronouns
UnNameTag Name Side
Please Tell Me your Name on one side

RantWoman's name on the other.

Now in response to a request, RantWoman's name side also has pronouns. Actually RantWoman is both a language nerd and possibly an insufferable showoff. So RantWoman included first person pronouns in all three languages she has formally studied as well as possessive pronouns for two. RantWoman ducked about the third. Cope.

Does this mean RantWoman can have completely intelligent, terminologically correct and  linguistically nuanced conversations about gender identity, transgender concerns, inclusion for people of all genders, and related topics as well in Russian or Spanish as in English?

Nope. At least not yet.

But RantWoman can probably distract / divert / digress into chatter about the psycholinguistics of gendered nouns.

Okayyyy, RantWoman but what does that have to do with our Meeting trying to have a conversation about transgender inclusion, the work done in other Meetings...?

Look, RantWoman put her pronouns on an UnNameTag she uses and reuses all kinds of places  This UnNameTag is showing signs of wear so RantWoman will shortly put pronouns on any replacement.

Beyond that RantWoman is meditating about how to engage with various announcements and emails.

RantWoman is also meditating about MAYBE possibly not flooding the world with the entire RantWoman fire hose, as distinguished from the RantWoman internal blowtorch.  RantWoman is meditating about this so at least the world gets multiple blog posts.

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