Thursday, January 5, 2017

Gratitude: Vision Collages Not civil Disobedience anymore

RantWoman sincerely thanks Vision Collage Friend for her annual gesture of Beginning of the Year reflections, generous supplies of collage materials, and tasty nourishing foods.

The Hallway side of RantWoman's door
RantWoman also thanks those who participated in the vision collage making for their presence.

RantWoman celebrates the fact that, thanks to a legal settlement RantWoman had little to do with, plastering vision collages all over her apartment door is no longer civil disobedience. RantWoman hopes this point serves as one small beacon of courage for others who need to stand up for themselves.

The Inside of RantWoman's Door
RantWoman also celebrates the fact that other years collages have more warm and cheerful backgrounds. This year, in a fit of Trumpling pique, dread, and visual impatience sorting the many image options, RantWoman wound up with collages that run heavily to green, yellow, and blue. Hold the problem in the Light especially as the Light returns and the days lengthen.

RantWoman had hoped that what would emerge would be strong images full of resolve to keep recreating what makes America great every day, to #LoveThyNeighbor, that #LoveTrumpsHate But sometimes if bilious dyspepsia is what shows up, bilious dyspepsia is what we've got. Hold that problem in the Light too.

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