Friday, September 2, 2016

Whack in Half. Boil till Mushy. Run through Strainer

RantWoman has a pretty good idea who left the box of small and mostly underripened pears at Meeting on Sunday. RantWoman has heard previously of pear abundance on a certain tree actually near where she lives.

The box of pears was still there Wednesday after midweek worship and RantWoman had a ride home. RantWoman scooped up the entire box and the Rehabilitation of Written Off Food Products Division of the RantWoman test kitchen went to work.

(No, RantWoman did NOT snap a pic with her cellphone. NOr does RantWoman have any patience with image libraries. Use your dang imagination! Oh wait!)

Tiny pears looking more delicious than the ones in the box
Looking Delicious
RantWoman's approach:

Whack in Half.

Boil till Mushy while otherwise puttering at home.

Run through Strainer:

Voila: about six quarts of Pear Sauce distributed between fridge and freezer!

Not a strategy one really wants to rely on to feed a whole family for the winter.

Not particularly the option one wants after The Big One hits.

But simple and yummy enough to brighten RantWoman's diet for a few days as fall demands her body shift gears anyway.

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