Friday, September 2, 2016

Quaker Brain Candy: Thank you Phillip Gulley

Such is the state of the world,, such is RantWoman's state of mind:

Lately, RantWoman has really been enjoying newly discovered Quaker Brain Candy, otherwise known as Quaker pastor Phillip Gulley's novels about Harmony Friends Meeting. Harmony Friends Meeting is a fictional faith community loosely based on the life of the Friends Church in IN where Gulley is the pastor.

RantWoman as been delighted to discover these works via the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. Some of the time RantWoman finds it still far too tempting to whine about audio books; life is better when RantWoman just shuts up and listens. RantWoman IS on principle allowed to speed things up and to be grateful for human voices and a storage algorithm that keeps speech comprehensible much more nicely at higher speeds than any of RantWoman's options for computerized voices. Now your are welcome for the free unsolicited trip to Planet RantWoman.

Readers already at least a little bit familiar with small town Hoosier culture and the various tropes of holiness Christianity will probably get the humor more easily. By Hoosier culture RantWoman means both being passionate about a televangelist and the local boy who has risen through the city civil service to be in charge of all 39 manhole covers in town.

Also hard to miss: the "Friendly women." The Friendly Women are not in fact so friendly. They leap to collisions with frightening ease and then shamelessly gossip. Other more enjoyable stories do emerge; nevertheless beware the friendly women, for about the usual ladies church circle  reasons.

Then there is Dale Hinshaw, known for charming commitments such as spreading scripture messages via helium balloons or in chicken eggs (don't ask; read the books!)
He generally has a dour attitude about life and lives in permanent fear of democrats, liberals, and sometimes even his pastor's scriptural understandings. That is part of what makes the books fun!

Now RantWoman will return to the various topics short-circuiting in RantWoman's brain.

Happy Reading.

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