Thursday, September 15, 2016

Bus Blessings Grapevine Edition

Will this new item make it out of RantWoman's mouth during the wondrous recently proclaimed specially fenced off section of worship called Joys and Concerns? Stay tuned and in the meantime celebrate it now while it's fresh in RantWoman's memory:

News from a bus ride on the way to midweek worship with someone who turns out to be a former neighbor of Friend who Brings Odd Teas and who misses her as a friend!

Friend Who Brings Odd Teas has moved to AZ where her sister lives and the condition that makes her life really difficult for herself and for lots of people around her is doing a lot better. Is it the family support? The Climate? RantWoman has no idea. RantWoman is so glad to hear of the friendship from the former neighbor in the building where Friend Who Brings Odd Teas used to live.

RantWoman is also a little intimidated: Friend Who Brings Odd Teas was a pillar of the Saturday shower time our Meeting ran as a ministry to homeless people in our neighborhood for awhile a few years ago. RantWoman considers this ministry extremely valuable but has never managed even the slightest leading to show up personally and support its operation.

Perhaps that is enough said but RantWoman definitely sends blessings in the direction of AZ.

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