Monday, April 25, 2016

Quarterly Meeting Gratitudes

When all the world is a tippy cellphone camera
Trees at Lazy F, evening

Gratitudes while RantWoman gets in gear for her week:

The ride logistics to get there

Snow along Snoqualmie Pass

Snow on the ground at the site, not a lot but snow.

High roaring creek.

Good roommates


This session’s infrastructure hiccup:
The site said they received word on Monday that there would  be a power outage courtesy of the Bonneville Power Adinistation from 6 am to 8 am on Saturday. Thank you for the advance notice.

Thank you for the peculiar community of people who sleep with CPAP, more than one of whom woke up early because of the power outage. RantWoman does not in fact sleep with CPAP but does need courage about revisiting the issue and getting more and better exercise in general.

Thank you backup generator for breakfast. Thank you everyone for coping with delays in showers and coffee.

Early Elementary!
RantWoman was a guest!  The kids showed Rant Woman the displays they alid out on some tables of  natural materials. RantWoman talked about big pine cones in the NW and much smaller ones in the Rocky mountains. RantWoman has no idea whether the kids will remember this.

The kids asked great questions. They were fascinated by all the things that do not work right about RantWoman’s eyes. RantWoman likes to show what her visual field is like with a test about where, if someone stretches out their arms, they can pull their fingers in and wiggle them and stop when they can see their fingers. RantWoman cannot see the wiggling fingers until they are pretty close to her body. RantWoman think s the kids all did fine at more normal range. Then RantWoman talked a little bit about double vision. RantWoman does not think anyone got that so RantWoman has no idea whether anyone is cross-eyed.

RantWoman has some braille business cards. This time the kids did not get the most comprehensive explanation of Braille but they all got  braille business cards.  RantWoman talked about the kinds of information her white cane proides. RantWoman did not really explain about Ambassador Thwack liking either to lounge in Rant Woman’s bag or to go a little overboard about his tactile communications responsibilities. RantWoman bumped her cane against a couple pieces of furniture to show some sound differences but this was not the time for banging on floors and walls with sticks.

The adults said the kids were spellbound but when the figets got too much it was time for snack.

RantWoman talked about what a pain it is when she drops things soooo after snacks, the kids got to help RantWoman find things when she drops them. The kids had to learn left and right. They had to learn that “Over there” is not such a great concept for RantWoman. And everytime RantWoman dropped her cup, the kids helped her find it!

RantWoman heard all day from parents about all their kids commenting. RantWoman’s favorite comment though, “Mommy, she’s blond.” Um noooo, but

(Note to the sincere folks on a clearness committee who thought rantWoman should go talk to kids. TRUST RantWoman: it is MUCH better to have spent some timestalking to adults first though RantWoman's unintentional blindness tourism business would actually NOT have minded a little less demand and more insightful customers at MANY points!)

Interest groups:
RantWoman was interested to see someone new to Quakers doing an interest group about faith and Practice! RantWoman is glad to hear it went well and MAY try again to probe for details.

RantWoman went to a TRULY non-depressing talk on climate change. RantWoman did not pay meticulous attention to every word but appreciated many voices.

Community night: several WONDERFUL musical numbers

Worship group:
RantWoman found her mind surprising full from responses to one query even though RantWoman herself was better able to respond to the first query after reading all of them.

Soup and salad for Sunday lunch. RantWman is aware that others disagree. Sorry.

RantWoman has a little bit of a sad missing Madeleine Brown.

RantWoman is tender about beloved elders who do not come anymore.

RantWoman is cross and crabby about a topic she is going to have to pick up the phone about and TRY to handle with more finesse than she sometimes manages in this medium.

RantWoman is a little crabby about another moment but is grateful for connections woven by Facebook.

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