Friday, April 1, 2016

PARKING: "Mobility impaired" vis "disabled"

In case anyone wonders why RantWoman keeps standing aside from all kinds of things, repeatedly offering help even when help is repeatedly turned down, being insufferably true to her Light and generously spreading consternation in as many ways as possible, here is another example, "mobility impaired" parking as distinguished from commonly understood "Disabled Parking / Handicapped Parking."

A new announcement as it appears in the Weekly Bulletin after being announced in Business Meeting as a decision after the fact, not including a request for input that might have changed the decision. Hint: ask for input BEFORE you order the signs!

NEW RESERVED PARKING FOR THE MOBILITY IMPAIRED. We have installed four new Reserved Parking signs in our parking lot in spaces near to the Meetinghouse. These spaces are now reserved on Sundays from 10:45 to 2 pm for the mobility impaired. These are not state designated handicapped spaces, but rather our effort to increase access to the building for people who use canes, walkers, wheelchairs, or who need to minimize the distance they walk. If you think this applies to you, then please use these spaces, as the system is based on self-definition andis self-monitored.

Construction is occurring near the Meetinghouse. Parking is a mess for everyone. especially people with mobility limitations. There are people who are not coming to Meeting because of parking problems. RantWoman is not in that number. RantWoman continues to get around mainly in the chauffeur-driven limousines operated by King County Metro though thanks to #Ulink2016 and the latest Metro shakeup, #bus2link, RantWoman gets to babble a lot about public transit but that is a different problem.

RantWoman's Light on the parking places issue and the announcement as digested from email and phone calls.
Reserved Parking
State Disabled
Parking Permit

--"State-designated Disabled Parking Spaces" RantWoman supposes there are some state or local code issues defining minimum number and characteristics of disabled parking Spaces for different categories of buildings. Honestly, RantWoman likes to hear reference to stuff like this in Business Meeting because RantWoman appreciates knowing that relevant committees have a handle on the right issues. RantWoman can get along without this info for now mainly because of other data.

--RantWoman would not have minded a verbal description of the new signage in business Meeting  because she can imagine needing to direct people to the designated spots. RantWoman has since located the new signage and has no further comment.

But never mind that for now. RantWoman thinks that if everyone at Meeting who, RantWoman is just guessing, probably fully qualifies for a disabled parking permit had one and displayed it when parking in our parking lot, Meeting might realize that at least on Sunday morning there is way more need for disabled parking than there are officially designated disabled parking spaces.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, RantWoman also knows that there are ways to designate temporary disabled parking spaces, ways such as parking meter bags. RantWoman thinks this point would be highly topical for the limited time window when Meeting regularly needs more disabled parking places than it probably does the rest of the week. That is the parking spaces. Now for the people.

"People who use canes, walkers, wheelchairs, or who need to minimize the distance they walk"...(not to mention other people who have hidden disabilities..).?

--Why those sound like the very same EXACT people who probably qualify for a Disabled Parking Permit and who MIGHT, maybe possibly benefit in other parts of their life from having one as well!

--RantWoman had a conversation with one Friend who thought it would be MUCH too forward to suggest to anyone that maybe, possibly, they might qualify for, benefit from, really, really need a disabled permit.

--RantWoman shared her discernment about the issue and herself: RantWoman can bloody well walk. RantWoman really really needs regular exercise. BUT RantWoman goes about sometimes with people who a. really like parking garages, an element of infrastructure RantWoman is NOT well-disposed toward, and b. are lousy sighted guides whose arms RantWoman would NOT take. So possibly for the safety of RantWoman and others, RantWoman COULD think about getting a disabled parking placard. RantWoman will continue to think about this.

--RantWoman had an email exchange and learned that one specific Friend already has a permit. RantWoman implied also a community awareness point about the process of applying and why one would or would find permits beneficial, but the email covered only one person.

Individual placard

--Disabled Parking Permits come in two forms, a license plate and a placard that people can hang on their rearview mirror or lay on their dashboards.

--A disabled parking placard is a commonly understood clue with
commonly understood rules. Sometimes for everyone's sanity it works
best to use rules everyone is supposed to understand rather than
making up something just because we are Quakers and we are special. This also seems on-point in the event that say newcomers with actual disabled parking permits show up and want to park near Meeting as well.

--Should anyone feel the slightest inclination to look up further information about applying for disabled parking permits, the link to do that is

RantWoman does not even apologize for feeling highly motivated to spam the entire committee who announced the decision. At this point, RantWoman has much else exercising her but does specifically mean to plant some ideas because the parking situation WILL continue to evolve. And yes, this post has a certain boring engineering count things and fit them into space and other parameters aspect. Cope.

and furthermore, one more thing or maybe more than one:
--RantWoman would love to be able to deliver smooches of gratitude to someone else for providing this information or signs of interacting with this information instead of having to look it up and assemble graphics her own dang self.

--RantWoman deeply humbly thanks those near and dear to her in Meeting for so many opportunities to try to be centered about all such vexations because the rest of RantWoman's life ALSO abounds in opportunities to speak about the very same issues! Good Thang there's...WORSHIP!

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