Friday, April 22, 2016

Popcorn kernels left over from Meeting for Worship

From Adult Religious Education
"(talking about institutionalized racism / mass incarceration)...might be do what you need to take care of yourselves..."

SWOON! He knows what triggering is. Okay he's a social work student so one would kind of expect...."

Swoon AGAIN for thoughts that triggering might be understandable, not something too icky for anything but making the triggered person GO AWAY.

No, this acknowledgment did not make RantWoman's eyes itch any less. Nor did it resolve RantWoman's need either to stare at her phone or to do Sudoku just to keep the rest of her head present. But Sudoku or no, RantWoman was present enough to listen to many voices.

From Meeting for worship
"...judge not lest ye be judged..." from Recycled Message Friend only somehow more Germanic because of reference to Dietrich Bonhoffer

RantWoman thought bubbles
WTF? Did we suddenly repeal the 10 commandments?

Mandated reporter laws?

Common sense before things get to the point of needing the mandated reporter law?

RantWoman you know that Friend who says the phrase "fear not" or variants such as "Fear Not for I am with you" appear more than 300 times in the Bible. Go with it... your neighbor as yourself...

...That means I have to love myself? Oh happy day?

...Do unto others as you would have them do unto you...?

RantWoman, recalls Quirky Friend now relocated due to magnetic grandchildren. Quirky Friend says "Why should I assume that someone else will like what I like?"

Vocal ministry about something to do with forgiveness?

more thought bubbles
Wait! How did we get from "Judge not" to Forgiveness?

and forgiveness is not the same thing as forgetting in either one's mind or one's body.

more vocal ministry about community and feeling loved

and a whole pot of popcorn from the event after worship but that gets a separate post.

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