Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bless this carpet decisionmaking, again

Bless us oh Lord for the agenda for Meeting for Business was extremely full.

MAYBE a couple items could have waited until next month, but the carpet got addressed with an announcement inviting people to look at color samples and to envision how they will play with chairs, walls, new light colored drapes.

Some of the time RantWoman is okay with the visit in clumps and who knows how the impressions get aggregated option. Some of the time RantWoman is glad to bounce people's points of view and life experiences off each other. Or maybe RantWoman is just a meeting junkie.

RantWoman had carpet conversations and heard carpet concerns of various flavors:

RantWoman really, really means it about odors. RantWoman THINKS installation is to be less chemical heavy. RantWoman definitely hopes so and thinks she was heard except there was a tiny bit that RantWoman heard as blowing off. Again, if RantWoman is as cranky as she manages to be without rug odors, just imagine...

One Friend with experience as a landlord has questions about stain releasing and or colors that will not show the dirt. The stain release questions were expressed in more graphic terms, here left to readers' imaginations. The colors that will not show the dirt point is at war in RantWoman's head with thoughts of a fairly light color so that the worship room does not look dark particularly on the cloudiest winter days.

The other color concern: a sample with a bit more yellow to match the drapes or a bit of green to resonate with the chairs but again, light, and not showing dirt.

In other words, RantWoman does not necessarily have any more reasonable expectations about carpet conversations than about many other things. Please hold further corporate discernment in the Light.

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